Denim Stars Quilt Pattern
54" X 67"

The Denim Stars Quilt is a great way to use up those “vintage” jeans. The individual block creates a star, but when the blocks are sewn together, there’s a secondary star design. That’s why it’s name is Denim Stars—with an “s.” One of the best things about this quilt, is that when it’s done, it’s done. There’s no quilting to do afterwards, and batting is optional.

Item # QS-D1         $8.50
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The Denim Stars Acrylic Template is laser cut for accuracy. It will help make quick work of cutting all those octagons, with a rotary cutter.

Item # QS-DT         $8.50
$16.00 if pattern and template are purchased together.

Item # QS-DT1         $16.00
Crazy Denim Quilt Pattern
74" X 88"

The “Crazy Denim” quilt pattern is just like it says, CRAZY! Sure, it looks like a Crazy-patch Quilt, but the way it’s made is kinda crazy, too. You build it from the OUTSIDE, IN. That’s right, the border is made first. Another thing I love about this quilt is how nicely it drapes. It’s heavy, but supple at the same time. And, there is no batting required.

Item # QS-D2         $8.50
Get the pdf download for $1.00 less! by clicking here: Crazy Denim Quilt Pattern
Brick Work or Windows Denim Quilt Pattern
Pattern gives three sizes.

Brick Work or Windows? You decide. Both projects are included in this quilt-as-you-go, pattern. Use your old jeans and batting scraps, in combination with your favorite fabrics. "Windows" works perfectly with 5" charm squares. Or add novelty fabrics and make an "I Spy" play mat. "Brick Work" makes a great man quilt with outdoor or sports fabrics. These quilts are done when they're done! There's no quilting or tying to do afterwards.

Item # QS-D6         $8.50
Get the pdf download for $1.00 less! by clicking here: Brick Work or Windows Denim Quilt Pattern
Tessellating Birds Pattern

This pattern is a tessellation — when the same shape can be repeated and interlocked without any spaces between. It’s all done by hand, with an English paper-piecing methood. It makes a great charm quilt or take-along project. Pattern given for 4 sizes.

Item # QS-25         $6.50
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Rick-Rack Boxes Pattern
Lg - 9" X 18" X 6"
Sm - 7" X 7 1/2" X 6"

Rick-Rack Boxes are very fun to make! And oh, so cute. The smaller boxes are just the right size to store your half-sheet patterns (like this one). The bigger one can hold a whole project, or two. They’re great for gift-giving, and work up quickly.

Item # QS-14         $5.50
Get the pdf download for $1.00 less! by clicking here: Rick-Rack Boxes Pattern
Patriotic 3-D Quilt Banner Pattern
16 1/2" X 39 1/2"

If you are a proud American, the Patriotic 3-D Banner is sure to look great in your home. It may take a bit of side-ways thinking to make those 3-D diamond stars, but you can do it! And those wavy stripes? A piece of cake. There are a lot of pictures to guide you through this fun, and slightly challenging project.

Item # QS-16         $8.50
Get the pdf download for $1.00 less! by clicking here: Patriotic 3-D Quilt Banner Pattern
Thread Catcher With Pockets
and Weighted Pincushion

Well, technically, it’s a trash container. But “Thread Catcher,” sounds more fun! ...or CD holder… or remote holder... or riding-in-the-car project holder. You have my permission to use it for anything you want. They are quick and fun to make, and they make a great gift for your crafty friends. With a little imagination, you can even personalize each one. The pattern also includes a 6-inch Churndash block that you can use for the top of the pincushion.

Item # QS-15         $8.50
Get the pdf download for $1.00 less! by clicking here: Thread Catcher With Pockets
The Man Quilt Pattern

The Man Quilt is a quick, manly quilt. It uses only 5 fabrics, and it's uniform, geometric pieces suggest masculinity. Imagine using fabrics from your man's favorite sports. Or use prints with forest animals for the outdoorsman. My men (husband and 3 grown sons) like to keep things simple. So, that's what we've done in this quilt that's just for them.

Item # QS-26         $8.50
Get the pdf download for $1.00 less! by clicking here: The Man Quilt Pattern